Course for restaurant dining service

Course for restaurant dining service

Course for restaurant dining service

ICIF has created the Course for Restaurant Dining Service, a full-immersion professional course, with a total duration of 2 months, divided into 6 days of theoretical and practical lessons at the Institute, from Monday to Saturday included, 8 hours of lessons per day, and 7 weeks of practical training at medium-high level Italian restaurants selected by the Institute. The program of the course gives an opportunity to learn the best professional service techniques that are fundamental in the sector, to become experts in reception services management, general management, entertainment and customer service from the great experts of the profession. The ICIF Course for Restaurant Dining Service will help students to understand that a waiter is a professional figure who should not be underestimated and does not only have the job of serving food and pouring wine. Our students will become “Guest Services Managers” accompanying customers throughout the meal making sure they have a pleasant dining experience. Students will gain managerial skills, complemented by the knowledge of the culinary world, in relation to food preparation and appropriate pairing with wine and drinks.

The program of the course will also help the student to improve his/her personal style, will provide cognitive tools for etiquette and savoir-faire, courtesy, good manners, personal grooming and the proper way to deal with people. The course is in Italian and the teacher is supported by an English speaking interpreter for foreign participants.

The course also includes a full day dedicated to national Enography, wines, and the basics of food and wine pairing. If students are interested in going more into depth on this topic they can buy an additional week of lessons, which follows the ICIF Course for Restaurant Dining Service, and attend the ICIF Course on Italian Wines and Food and Wine Pairing (, then complete the training internship period of 6 weeks at medium-high level restaurants selected by the Institute.


  • 6 days of theoretical and practical lessons at the Institute
  • 7 weeks of internship (optional) at medium-high level restaurants selected by the Institute


  • Certificate of participation from the ICIF Institute at the completion of the course


  • Professionals of the food and wine sector, Italians and foreigners
  • Italian and foreign gourmet food-lovers and enthusiasts



Morning (9:00 am – 12:30 pm)

    Hotels – Restaurants – Bars – The new classifications

    Hotel catering – Traditional catering – Fast catering – Opening a restaurant business

    The history banqueting – Collective catering: Banqueting and catering – Types of banquets – Organizing a banquet – A Buffet and its service -Table layout – Equipment used in banquets and buffets – Table decorations and plants – Colors, Flowers

Afternoon (13: 30-18: 00)

    The dining hall – The kitchen – The office – The passe – The plonge The coffee bar – The pantry – The storage room – The wine cellar

    The professional profiles of the brigade
    Other professional figures
    The dining room brigade in structures of different categories


The fee for the ICIF Course for Restaurant service is 1.200,00 Euro.
If the student decides to also buy the ICIF Course on Italian Wines and Food and Wine Pairing, a discount of 100 euros on the cost of this Course will be applied.

The fee for the complete course includes:

  • 1 week of accommodation at the ICIF guesthouse in small 2 bedroom apartments with single, twin or triple rooms and one bathroom

  • Welcome dinner upon arrival on Sunday at the ICIF Training Restaurant “La Barbera” in the Castle of Costigliole d’Asti

  • Breakfast from Monday to Saturday

  • Meals (lunch and dinner) in the school canteen from Monday to Saturday

  • A complete waiter’s uniform with the Institute’s logo: one jacket, a pair of pants and an apron

  • Support for the Student Visa application procedure (if needed)


  • Group bus transfer from Milano Malpensa airport to Costigliole d’Asti, price: € 50

  • Purchase and activation of new sim card

  • Support and organization of Food and Wine tours

  • Support and organization of transfer for food sector events and fairs

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