Chocolaterie course

Chocolaterie course

This course is suitable for those who want to open a chocolate shop and for those who want to become a professional master Chocolatier. The course includes lessons in window display design, the creation of artistic pieces to showcase, as well as new chocolate decorating techniques. The course includes detailed lessons held by Master Chocolatiers, members of the Academy of Master Chocolatiers, and visits to chocolate manufacturers.

The course is in Italian language and teachers are supported by an interpreter in English language.

Maximum attendance: 16.


The course has a total duration of 4 months:

  • 4 weeks of theoretical and practical lessons at the Institute

  • 12 weeks of pratical training (optional) at specialized laboratory selected by the ICIF Institute


Certificate of participation from the ICIF Institute at the completion of the course


  • Italian and foreign professionals of food and wine
  • Italian and foreign food lovers and enthusiasts


First week

First 2 days Theoretical Lesson:


  • Cocoa in the world.

  • The Chocolate an infinite mystery: the transformation from the seed to Chocolate and from the Chocolate to chocolate candies.

  • Technical aspect of cocoa.

  • Aromatic profiles of cocoa.


  • The roasting.

  • The breaking: preparation of the cocoa bean from the whole bean to the nibs.

  • The grinding: first grinding of cocoa.

  • Recipes of Chocolate and application of the calculation program.

  • The refining.

  • The conching.

  • The professional tempering technique.

Last three days at an external Chocolate Laboratory:

  • Practical execution also by the students ofthe Bean to Bar process: the transformation from cocoa bean to chocolate

  • Practical exercise for students to prepare chocolates candies with different fillings


The student can choose whether to continue the course program by carrying out a training internship period lasting a total of 3 months (12 weeks) at pastry shops, chocolate shops or companies previously selected by the Institute. In companies where accommodation cannot be offered, it will be at the student's discretion to choose another company or provide accommodation at their own expense with the assistance of the Research Institute.


Complete course: 5.400 €. It is possible to enroll for a 1 week period, the fee for each weekly module is of 1.700,00 €.

Included in the price of the course:

  • Accommodation and breakfast service for 4 weeks.

  • Starting from Wednesday (3rd day of the course) the course will take place, including accommodation, at the chocolate laboratory of one of the Master Chocolatier teachers of the course, in Vicoforte, while for the remaining period the course will take place at the ICIF Institute with accommodation at the ICIF guesthouse in mini-apartments (composed of two bedrooms with one, two or three beds and a bathroom)

  • Meals from Monday to Friday (the school is closed on Sundays and on national holidays) for 4 weeks

  • A complete chef uniform: jacket, trouser, apron and paper hat

  • Support for the Student Visa application procedure (if needed)


  • Group bus transfer from Milano Malpensa airport to Costigliole d’Asti, price: € 50

  • Purchase and activation of new sim card

  • Support and organization of Food and Wine tours

  • Support and organization of transfer for food sector events and fairs


Scholarships are available to participants of Italian nationality who are resident in Italy. To find out how to apply please contact us or call the ICIF Institute in Costigliole d’Asti.

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