Foreign locations

The overseas divisions of the ICIF
Institute of regional Italian cuisine
are located in China and Brazil


ICIF China was founded in 2004 during this remarkable period of historic and cultural change, as a result of collaboration between the Shanghai Lingang Science and Technology School and ICIF – Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners, with the objective of furthering the development of Italian culinary traditions in China. It is the first, and so far the only, Institute authorized by the Chinese government permitted to teach foreign cuisine.

The fulfillment of this project has been possible thanks to our Chinese partners (The Department for the Development of Trade and Industry of Shanghai and the Shanghai Lingang Science and Technology School) who supplied the building. Our gratitude also goes to those Italian Institutions who have contributed: The Ministry of International Commerce (renamed The Ministry of Economic Development), The Region of Piemonte and ICE – The National Institute for Foreign Trade.

The ICIF Institute of China is situated in the Nanhui district of Shanghai which is 15 km from the international airport of Pudong and 45 km from the centre of Shanghai. The school is housed in a new building with a floor space of 3500 m², comprising several classrooms where the Chinese students are taught the techniques of Italian cooking, where they become familiar with the Italian taste and learn the importance and quality of typical Italian products. The new dormitory can accommodate approximately 200 students, with meals provided in the canteen of the Shanghai Lingang Science and Technology School.

The ICIF teaching staff is made up of highly qualified Italian professionals. 
The courses are aimed at young Chinese cooks, sommeliers and maitre who would like to specialize in Italian food and wine. At the end of the course the students receive an ICIF diploma, recognized by the Chinese government which attests their specialization in the Cuisine, Culture and Oenology of the Regions of Italy, thus becoming true ambassadors of Italian Gastronomy and of “Made in Italy” in China.

ICIF – Institute of Cuisine, Culture and Oenology of Italian Regions
c/o Shanghai Lingang Science and Technology School
Shanghai City, New District of Pudong, Nanhui New Town
Fangzhu Road N.801 • 201306
Tel: + 86 021-68031866
Fax: + 86 021-68031866


Flores da Cunha

In 2004 we opened a new school in Brazil, in Flores da Cunha, where, in collaboration with UCS – University of Caxias do Sul, we opened the “Escola de Gastronomia of the Regions of Italy” The new school is equipped with an auditorium for seminars, a practical laboratory (with fully equipped individual workstations), a professional kitchen with a restaurant open to the public, a wine cellar, a showroom, a library, a store dedicated to Italian products and a training restaurant called “Dolce Italia”; covering an area of 1600 square meters. 

The School offers a variety of courses, from those for gourmets and wine lovers, to professional courses for chefs and sommeliers who wish to broaden their knowledge on Italian food and wine.

UCS – Escola de Gastronomia
Av. Vindima, nº 1000. Parque de Eventos Eloy Kunz. Flores da Cunha – RS
Tel.: +55 (54) 32921188 – (54) 999858167

San Paolo

In Sao Paulo, the city in which Brazil encounters the world, is the Centro Paula Souza which administers 180 Technical Schools and 49 State Faculties of Technology and where has been created the first ‘Hospitality School’ with professional courses aimed at the less well-off.

The intent is to train professionals in the hotel and catering industry with the support of ICIF, already present in Brazil for over 11 years.

The numerous teaching laboratories, specific for the various sectors of pastry, bakery and chocolate, hospitality, for wine and oil tasting, and for culinary, the latters divided into specific laboratories for cooking demonstration or practical lessons on starters, first and main courses, each with 24 individual work stations, and the teachers trained by ICIF ensure that the flag of culture, food and wine from the regions of Italy continues to fly high in Brazil.

Centro Paula Souza
c/o Nova Sede do Centro Paula Souza
Rua dos Andradas, 140 – Santa Ifigênia
01208-000 São Paulo – Brasile
Tel. +11 3324-3300


Since 1991, we have been promoting Italian cuisine, culture and oenology around the world through professional training courses.

Registered Office and Training Venue

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 10
14055 - Costigliole d'Asti (AT), Italia
Tel. 39.0141.962171 - 962772
Fax. 39.0141.962993
P.I. 01683920050

Administrative Office

Via Roma, 8
10077 San Maurizio Canavese (TO)
Tel. +39.011.281502