Gluten free course

Gluten free course

Surrounded by the pleasant and evocative atmosphere of the Castle of Costigliole d ‘Asti, academics and qualified chefs guide the participants through an educational path towards knowledge of a subject which we encounter daily in modern society.

Learning to cook gluten-free is a way to approach food intolerances and those who suffer from them. The purpose is to help those who live with this condition and who have to follow a specific diet which can sometimes be demoralizing and result in loss of appetite.
Eating is one of life’s pleasures: get to know more about gluten-free products in order to bring back the joy of food and satisfy the palate by broadening the gluten free diet!


The course has a total duration of 1 week (from Monday to Friday for a total of 40 hours)


  • Certificate of participation from the ICIF Institute at the completion of the course


  • Italian and foreign professionals from the food and wine sector
  • Restaurateurs
  • Italian and foreign food lovers and enthusiasts



Specific information for Restaurateurs
- Introduction to different gluten-free flours available on the market
- Introduction to naturally gluten-free flours to be used to create your own mixes: organoleptic characteristics and strength of different flours
- Measures and indications to be taken in a restaurant that offers a gluten-free service
- Dining room service: the psychology of reception of a customer with celiac disease.

Preparation with students involvement of the following recipes:
- Lady's kisses biscuits with chocolate ganache
- Canestrelli biscuits
- Cream puffs (Pâte à choux) with craquelin and lemon cream
- Tonka bean bom bom
– Mini tartlets with custard


Complete course: 1.600 €

Included in the price of the course:

  • Accommodation at the ICIF’s guesthouse for 1 week in small apartments (2-rooms flats with single, twins or triple rooms and one bathroom)

  • Breakfast from Monday to Friday

  • Meals (lunch and dinner) in the school canteen from Monday to Friday

  • A complete chef uniform: jacket, trouser, apron and paper hat

  • Support for the Student Visa application procedure (if needed)

For those interested it is also possible to purchase also single lessons at the following fees:

  • one day lesson (including lunch, dinner and accommodation for 1 night) is of 350 euro per person

  • one day lesson (including lunch and dinner no accommodation) is of 300 euro per person

  • half a day lesson (morning + lunch or afternoon + dinner) is of 180 euro per person


  • Group bus transfer from Milano Malpensa airport to Costigliole d’Asti, price: € 50

  • Purchase and activation of new sim card

  • Support and organization of Food and Wine tours

  • Support and organization of transfer for food sector events and fairs

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