4 Weeks of theoretical and practical lessons with board and lodging included and the opportunity of a training period at pizzerias of medium-high level

Become a professional pizza maker!


Become a professional pizza maker!



ICIF has created, in collaboration with the Italian School of Pizza makers, a new training course: the Course on Pizza. A 4-weeks training course divided in 3 weeks of training focused on pizza with teachers Masters Pizza makers sent by the Italian School of Pizza makers, and a last week of training on pastry with professionals Pastry Chefs commissioned by ICIF. The training program allow you to undertake, through an integrated approach between theory and practice, a profession that is considered a popular, cultural and social phenomenon which is typically Italian, in continual growth both in Italy and abroad.

The course is in Italian language and teachers are supported by an interpreter in English language.

Maximum attendance: 20.


The course has a total duration of 12 weeks:

  • 3|4 weeks of theoretical and practical lessons at the Institute
  • 8|9 weeks of internship (optional) at pizzerias that will be previously selected by the Institute


  • Certificate of participation from the ICIF Institute on completion of the course
  • Official Diploma awarded by the Italian School of Pizza Makers


  • Italian and foreign professionals of food and wine
  • Italian and foreign food lovers and enthusiasts
Theoretical part
  • Cereals: wheat and flour. Production, degree of refining, information of the flour sack, method of storage and preservation.
  • Flour: organoleptic characteristics, proteins, gluten, starch, enzymes.
  • Water and organoleptic characteristics. The calculation of the water temperature for the management of the doughs
  • Yeast (the different types on the market)
  • Salt
  • The fats
  • Sugars and improvers
  • The equipment in the pizzeria: preparation table, tools, mixers, ovens
  • Ovens: electric, gas and wood: cooking characteristics and methods
FIRST WEEK - Practical part
  • Preparation of the classic pizza dough manually and with the mixer
  • Preparation and formation of the loaves
  • Handling and spreading of the dough
  • Direct doughs (kneading, leavening and maturation)
  • Direct doughs with different flours (eg. Type 1 stone ground flour; wholemeal flour; crushed wheat, etc …)
  • Direct doughs with alternative flours (eg Kamut, Soy, etc …)
  • Focaccia (Genoese type)
SECOND WEEK - Practical part
  • Kneading methods: direct and indirect (poolish and biga)
  • Refreshment of indirect doughs with different flours (eg. re-milled semolina, cereal flour, rustic core, etc …)
  • Management of the preferment (poolish and biga) at room temperature and at refrigerated control temperature
  • Practice of spreading, filling and cooking
  • How to manage bread in the context of the pizzeria
  • The organic dough and alternative forms of offering itself to the customer
THIRD WEEK - Practical part
  • The tray-baked pizza (with direct and indirect method with poolish and biga)
  • The pizza with paddle (with direct and indirect method with poolish and biga)
  • Practice of spreading, filling and cooking
  • Gluten-free dough
  • Neapolitan pizza (Guaranteed Traditional Specialty)


    FOURTH WEEK - Pastry
    • The dry small pastries to accompany tea and coffee and varieties of biscuits
    • The fresh small pastries, the Italian creams and the traditional cakes
    • Creamy desserts for restaurant
    • Chocolate tempering technique, chocolates and chocolate decorations
    • Bakery products for breakfast
    • Food safety and HACCP


    The student can choose whether to continue the program of the course by performing a period of internship lasting a total of 8|9 weeks at medium-high level pizzerias previously selected by the Institute.


    4.300€ for the first 3 weeks of lessons + 9 weeks of internship (optional)
    5.400€ for 4 weeks of lessons + 8 weeks of internship (optional)
    It is also possible to enroll for single weeks, the cost for each weekly module is 1.700€.

    Included in the price of the course:

    • Accommodation at the ICIF’s guesthouse for the duration of the course in small apartments (2-rooms flats with single, twins or triple rooms and one bathroom)
    • Breakfast from Monday to Friday
    • Meals (lunch and dinner) in the school canteen from Monday to Friday
    • A complete chef uniform: jacket, trouser, apron and paper hat
    • Support for the Student Visa application procedure (if needed)


    • Group bus transfer from Milano Malpensa airport to Costigliole d’Asti, price: € 50
    • Purchase and activation of new sim card
    • Support and organization of Food and Wine tours
    • Support and organization of transfer for food sector events and fairs


    Scholarships are available to participants of Italian nationality who are resident in Italy. To find out how to apply please contact us or call the ICIF Institute in Costigliole d’Asti.


    For further information about the courses please fill out and send us the following form.

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