Gluten free Cooking Course

Course for professionals and amateurs to approach the Gluten-Free world

Surrounded by the pleasant and evocative atmosphere of the Castle of Costigliole d ‘Asti, academics and qualified chefs guide the participants through an educational path towards knowledge of a subject which we encounter daily in modern society. Learning to cook gluten-free is a way to approach food intolerances and those who suffer from them. The purpose is to help those who live with this condition and who have to follow a specific diet which can sometimes be demoralizing and result in loss of appetite.

Eating is one of life’s pleasures: get to know more about gluten-free products in order to bring back the joy of food and satisfy the palate by broadening the gluten free diet!


The Course has a total duration of 1 week (from Monday to Friday for a total of 40 hours).

Those who can enroll are:

  • Italian and foreign professionals from the food and wine sector
  • Restaurateurs
  • Italian and foreign food lovers and enthusiasts

The Course programme

  • Arrival of the participants and accommodation at the ICIF guesthouse

Morning (9:30-12:30): Theoretical introduction COOKING DEMONSTRATION ROOM

  • Definition of celiac disease, how to detect it and its effects
  • The handbook of gluten-free foods compiled by the Italian Association for the celiac disease
  • Practical advice for finding gluten-free products
  • Personal experiences from people with celiac disease

Lunch break (12:30-13:30)

  • Lunch at ICIF School

Afternoon (13:30-17:00) Specific information for Restaurateurs DINING ROOM

  • Measures to be taken in a restaurant that offers a gluten-free service
  • Risks of contamination
  • How to organize the kitchen and the dining room
  • Dining room service: the psychology of welcoming a celiac customer, the service of gluten-free courses, gluten-free cocktails and beverages

Dinner (18:30)

  • Dinner at ICIF
  • Demonstration of various shapes of HOME-MADE FRESH PASTA from different Regions of Italy with the use of gluten free flour combined with traditional sauces
  • Tips for the success of the various preparations

Lunch break (12:30-13:30)

  • Lunch at ICIF

Afternoon (13:30-17:00) PRACTICAL CLASSROOM

  • Preparation of various shapes of HOME-MADE FRESH PASTA from different Regions of Italy with the use of gluten free flour combined with traditional sauces

Dinner (18:30)

  • Dinner at ICIF

Morning (9:00-12:00): PASTRY CLASSROOM

  • Italian traditional DESSERTS with the use of gluten free flour and simple and quick desserts to prepare without the use of flour with particular attention to specific types of food raw materials

Lunch break (12:30-13:30)

  • Lunch at ICIF

Afternoon (13:30-17:00): PASTRY CLASSROOM

  • BISCUITS and SMALL PASTRIES from different Regions of Italy with the use of gluten free flour

Dinner (18:30)

  • Dinner at ICIF

Morning (9:00-10:00): Theoretical lesson – COOKING DEMONSTRATION ROOM

  • Precautions for the use of sauces, basic brown sauces or thickeners

Morning (10:00-12:30): Hands-on Cooking lesson- In the MAIN KITCHEN of the School

  • The participants and Chef Instructor will simultaneous prepare  two menus, one with gluten and one which is gluten-free (a practical exercise about the risks of contamination)

Lunch break (12:30-13:30)

  • Lunch at ICIF School (menu prepared in the morning)

Afternoon (13:30-17:00): PASTRY CLASSROOM

  • SPECIAL BREAD and BREAD STICKS using gluten free flour

Dinner (20:00)

  • Dinner at a restaurant with the possibility of choosing a gluten-free menu

Morning (9:00-12:30): PASTRY CLASSROOM

  • Various types of PIZZA and FOCACCIA using gluten free flour
  • Tips and tricks for the leavening process

Lunch break (12:30-13:30)

  • Lunch at ICIF

Afternoon (13:30-17:00)

  • Preparation of a GLUTEN FREE MENU (4 courses)

Dinner (19:30)

  • Final Dinner with presentation of the CERTIFICATES of PARTICIPATION


The fee for the Gluten Free Cooking Course is of 1.400 euro per person. The fee for the Course includes:

  • 5 days of lessons at the ICIF Headquarters in the Castle of Costigliole d’Asti
  • Recipe book with all the recipes that will be carried out in class
  • A chef’s jacket with the ICIF logo
  • Meals at the Institute and accommodation at Cascina Salerio, the ICIF guesthouse
  • Certificate of participation

Anything not mentioned above is not included.


  • 50 € for the health insurance that cover the basic medical expenses and the expenses or the recover to the Hospital only for accidents during the job time for the whole period of the course (only if the student does not stipulate already a Sanitary Insurance in his proper country).
  • 50 € for those who intend take advantage of the group bus transfer, only upon arrival in Italy, organized by the ICIF Institute on the Sunday before the beginning of the course, from Milan Malpensa airport. The payment of the 50 euro can be done in the balance of the course by bank transfer, or in cash or by credit card at the office of ICIF Direction on the first day of the course.

For those interested it is also possible to purchase also single lessons at the following costs:

  • one day lesson (including lunch, dinner and accommodation for 1 night) is of 280 euro per person
  • one day lesson (including lunch and dinner no accommodation) is of 230 euro per person
  • half a day lesson (morning + lunch or afternoon + dinner) is of 130 euro per person

The lessons will be held by the teachers in Italian, flanked by an interpreter who will simultaneously translate into English.


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