The school headquarters

The Castle of Costigliole d’Asti is the prestigious location for the training of Italian and international chefs

Master in Italian Cooking

The Master in Italian Food and Oenology offers  comprehensive training in all areas of Italian cuisine, from appetizers to desserts, lessons on breadmaking, pizza and focaccia, wine tasting and food and wine pairing wine plus educational trips to food and wine Companies . The Course also includes an internship at restaurants affiliated with the ICIF School.
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Course on Italian Pastry

ICIF has created a new training Course: the Course on Italian Pastry, in collaboration with the Italian Federation of Pastry ( The program offers demonstration lessons held by professional Pastry Chefs, Master ice cream makers and Master Chocolatier, and practical lessons on all the preparations of Italian pastry and of confectionery Italian art.
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Gluten Free Cooking Course

The Course is aimed at restaurant owners, professionals of the sector, amateurs and anyone wanting to learn more on the subject. Learning how to cook gluten free is a way to approach food intolerances and satisfy those who require a specific diet.
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Course on Italian Ice-Cream

The Course on Ice-Cream has been created, in collaboration with the Fedeeration of italian Pastry Chefs, it is taught by Master Italian ice-cream makers and offers a comprehensive training on real Italian ice-cream which concludes with an internship at selected ice-cream parlours.
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Course on Pizza

ICIF has created a new training Course: the Course on Pizza, developed in collaboration with the Academy of Pizza makers from the Pizza University. The course  will also provide the basic notions required in order to start a pizzeria and includes an internship at selected pizzerias.
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Chocolaterie Course

The Chocolaterie Course, taught by Master Chocolatiers, offers comprehensive training for those who want become a professional Chocolatier, including various methods for the processing and transformation of cocoa into chocolate, new decoration techniques, the creation of artistic pieces to showcase. The course includes a 20 week internship at specialized chocolate laboratories.
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International Course of Cafeteria and Bar

ICIF promotes, in collaboration with FIPE Training, a new training course: the International Course of Cafeteria and Bar 1st LEVEL, which provides the opportunity to train as a Barman and Italian Cafeteria professional through theoretical and practical lessons on the preparation of the most popular Italian and International drinks and the new trends, and on correct techniques for the preparation of Italian espresso coffee, of cappuccino and of the main products of Italian Cafeteria.
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Master in Food Management

The Master in Food Management was created to train professionals with specific technical and managerial skills for the administration and organization of various activities in the Hotellerie sector,  you will train as future Managers of  Italian Regional Cuisine within Italian and foreign  Hotel chains and Restaurants.
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