The International 1st level Coffee and Bar Course

A week of theoretical and practical lessons with the opportunity to train as a Barman and as an Italian Coffee professional

ICIF is offering a new training course: The International 1st level Coffee and Bar Course.  A 6-day training course divided in 2 days of training at the 9bar, the Professional Training School for coffee baristas, bartending, and flair ( It is the only authorized school in Italy to give certifications of all of the SCAE Coffee Diploma System (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) modules.  Here the student will attend the 9bar’s  16-hour BASIC COFFEE COURSE and will receive a certificate of attendance and also have the possibility on the 3rd day  to take the 1st level SCAE Coffee Diploma System certification test in order to receive the “Introduction to Coffee” Diploma.

From the 4th day on the course will take place at the ICIF headquarters in Costigliole d’Asti to continue with the barman and bartender training part of the course. The aim of the Course is to create professionals in the HO.RE.CA. sector, baristas, bartenders and Italian coffee specialists. The Course offers a comprehensive program which teaches the correct techniques for the preparation of Italian espresso coffee and cappuccino, how to perfectly froth milk and how to pour the milk to create a decorative effect, the use of equipment together with pouring techniques, tasting, blending and preparing the most popular Italian and International drinks, new trends are also taken into account in order to prepare and serve a quality product which will professionally satisfy every type of customer. The drink culture us made up of a broad knowledge, we teach the formula to create a proportionate dose, but a cocktail also derives from the respect and from the ability of who prepares it. The Course provides practical training, supported by video and slide projections in order to facilitate learning. The role of barman and Italian Cafeteria specialist is a profession which is in great demand both in Italy and abroad. The Course is held in Italian language and teachers are supported by an interpreter in English language.

Minimum number of participants: 6
Maximum number of participants: 10


The Course has a total duration of 48 hours over a 1 week period (6 days per 8 hours per day) at the ICIF Institute.

Those who can enroll are:

  • Foreign food and wine professionals
  • Foreign gourmet amateurs and enthusiasts

Topics of the 6 days of lessons

The 1st and 2nd days basic coffee class at the 9bar
    Botany:  the species, the variety, the origins of coffee
    History:  where coffee originated and its evolution up to today
    Processing: harvesting and processing methods
    Decaffeinated: decaffeination techniques
    Roasting:  knowledge of the various types of coffee roasters and the evolution of roasting
    Learning about the characteristics of Espresso coffee machines
    Coffee grinder, on-demand coffee grinder, (coffee grinding)
    Learning about water treatment (water softening)
    Learning about various extraction methods (V60, Chemex, frenchpress, aereo press, etc)
    Correct usage of frequently used equipment and crockery (manual press, small brush, espresso coffee cups, cappuccino cups, sponges, etc.)
    The technique of preparing a well-balanced espresso
    Management of the workstation, the serving area and proper cleaning during preparation and handling
  • MILK:
    A panorama of the various types of milk on the market
    Notions about milk containers
    Techniques of frothing milk and the technique of holding the milk container and pouring the milk correctly into the cup
    How to make a traditional cappuccino
    Learning about the various drinks prepared with milk and an espresso base
    Techniques of serving (e.g.: what to prepare first and how to serve it to your customer)
    Managing customer relationships
    Sales Techniques
    Costs/choice of raw materials
    Cleaning the espresso coffee machine, the coffee grinder, parts and everyday equipment with specific cleaning products
The 3rd day at the 9bar
  • Test for 1st level SCAE Coffee Diploma System Certification, in order to obtain the “Introduction to Coffee” Diploma.
The 4th day at ICIF
  • Information and use of work apparatus and utensils: glasses, shakers, mixing-glass blender
  • Notions on fermentation, distillation, liqueurs
  • History and information regarding International mixed drinks
  • Understanding and quantification of cocktails dosages and pouring techniques
  • Practical exercise
The 5th day at ICIF
  • Fermentation
  • Wines, Sparkling Wines, Champagne, Vermouth and Beer: history and varieties
  • Sensory Analysis and appetizers
  • Practical exercise: IBA aperitifs
The 6th day at ICIF
  • Liqueurs: types and classification. Sensory analysis
  • International Long drinks, innovative drinks and soft drinks
  • Practical exercise: International Long drinks – mojito – caipirine
  • Written test

Course fees

The fee for the International 1st level Coffee and Bar Course is 1.700,00 Euro. The fee for the Course includes:

  • Sunday check-in at the ICIF guesthouse in a small two room apartment with one, two or three beds, one bathroom with breakfast included
  • Bus transfer provided by ICIF on Monday morning to the 9bar headquarters in Rivanazzano Terme (PV)
  • Accomodations in Rivanazzano Terme (PV) for 2 nights in double rooms with breakfast included during the training period at 9bar. Meals will be offered by ICIF
  • Bus transfer from Rivanazzano Terme (PV) to the ICIF headquarters provided by ICIF on Wednesday after the certification exam
  • Accomodations at the ICIF guesthouse in small apartments from Wednesday evening until check-out on Sunday morning. Breakfast included.
  • Meals served at the ICIF school from Wednesday evening to Saturday evening
  • Theoretical-practical lessons as indicated in the program
  • Teaching materials (provision of technical tools, audiovisual, textbooks)
  • Products for all the practical lessons
  • A professional uniform
  • Assistance from ICIF to prepare and submit all the necessary paperwork for the student to apply for a Study Visa at the Italian Embassies or Consulates of competence in the student’s country of origin, if required according to the student’s nationality.
  • Certificate of attendance issued upon completion of the course at 9bar
  • The “Introduction to Coffee” Diploma will be issued after passing the SCAE Coffee Diploma System certification test
  • ICIF certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of the course held at ICIF

Anything else not expressly specified above is not included.


  • Grup olarak otobusle transferden yararlanmak isteyen öğrenciler için, sadece Italya’ya varıştan sonra, 50€ karşılığında kursun başlamasından önceki gün olan Pazar günü olmak kaydıyla, ICIF Enstitüsü tarafından Milano Malpensa havaalanından ICIF’e transfer sağlanmaktadır. Ödeme kursun ilk gününde banka havalesi ile ya da nakit olarak ya da kredi kartı ile ICIF Ofisinde yapılabilir.
  • Temel sağlık masraflarını ve masrafları kapsayan sağlık sigortası için 50 € ya da sadece kursun tüm süresi boyunca mesai saatleri boyunca oluşabilecek kazalar için hastaneye kaldırma (yalnızca öğrenci ülkesinde sağlık sigortası yaptırmamışsa)


Further training practice is offered to interested European nationals at a coffee shop in London, one of the most famous cosmopolitan capitals for coffee.  Accommodation and meals are not included.

For further information about the courses fill and send us the following form.

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