Eduardo De Filippo said: “he must spend the night, because there is no day in which the sun does not rise again”. And the dawn of the restart for the Langhe and Monferrato area has also arrived. And also for ICIF, the International Italian culinary school located in the heart of the Piedmont hills.

The May sun can only be a good omen to warm the earth and the engines of a new post-pandemic era. The ICIF Institute places itself at the fore within this wave of optimism by once again welcoming large groups of foreign students. From May 1st, the school hosted the Course on Italian Gelato, composed of twelve students from all corners of the world: Qatar, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Portugal and Russia. As soon as their period of lessons of up to four weeks ends, they will make way for students of the Italian Pastry Course and professional cooking courses starting from 29 May.

A hot summer is expected, full of training events, dynamism and ICIF pupils who will especially pour into the area where the Institute is located, in a happy position overlooking the Langhe, at the same time positioned on the last edge of Monferrato . Right in the heart of the “Langhe – Monferrato Food and Wine District”: a new territorial identity that has just been born,
created in particular thanks to the intervention of the two main Consortia for the protection of the territory, the “Consorzio del Barbera d’Asti e dei Vini del Monferrato” and the “Consortium for the protection of Asti”.

The mission of the new District? Valuing even more than before and even better the precious resources of the place: the territory, the agri-food and the wine sector. ICIF brings the world here and the world appreciates the uniqueness of the vines, people, food, nature and culture. In one word: an unforgettable experience in Monferrato.


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