ICIF collaborates with partners aware of the importance of the training on Italian food and wine and of the promotion of 'Made in Italy'

ICIF collaborates with ISNART to promote the brand of “Italian Hospitality” around the world together with the values associated with it, also through the training courses.

ICIF collaborates with AIPO – Interregional Association of Olive Oil Producers and benefits from scholars and oil experts sent by the association for the technical extra virgin olive oil tasting lessons included in the courses offered by the Institute.

Since its foundation in 1991, ICIF has been collaborating with the Italian Academy of Cuisine, having recognized a common goal, the protection of traditional Italian Cuisine, of local quality products and the importance of seasonal produce. The aim is to endorse and promote the image of Italian Cuisine and of Italian products of excellence, both in Italy and abroad.



ICIF collaborates with the Italian School of pizza makers.



ICIF collaborates with the ATL of Cuneo.


ICIF collaborates with the ATL of Asti.