Food retail & design solutions

Beside the educational activities, ICIF has developed a new section of its business dedicated to the FOOD RETAIL & DESIGN SOLUTIONS. Through this new branch of the business, ICIF wants to broaden the entreprenurial opportunities for its students. For this purpose ICIF has already developed a range of innovative food concepts and will eagerly introduce more on the markets worldwide.

Its current portfolio lists the following types of activities:
  • Fast food
  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel

Arro Coffee® is a concept based on the vision of spreading the Italian culture in all its aspects. Flavours, skills and craftsmanship, design and decor, and attitude have been put together to offer a unique experience to customers. Entirely designed by Italian architects and with Italian materials, the wooden furniture is the frame for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The products have been precisely selected from Italian artisans to guarantee genuineness, highest quality, and best sensorial experience. The key products we have selected as the symbols of the Italian taste are coffee, chocolate and panettone.