Activities - ICIF International School of Italian Cuisine


Culinary Training, promotion of “Made in Italy”, major events and the fight against counterfeiting


  • Training for young Italians and foreign cooks to acquire a professional specialization on Regional Italian Cuisine; the syllabus also includes training on food safety and sustainable policies in the management of the food chain.


  • Promotion of  Italian cuisine and top quality Italian products abroad, through the organization of training courses and the diffusion of  information regarding “Made in Italy” and its implementation by professional chefs and restaurateurs around the world.
  • Promotion of Italian food and wine products abroad in fairs and International events.
  • Organisation of food and wine tours to discover the essence of Italian Regional Cuisine and Culture, the top quality products and the rich culture of the Italian Regions.


ICIF is at the vanguard of international events where an authoritative voice in the restaurant business is required, providing expertise for initiatives which promote Italian food and culture.


They call it “Italian Sounding”, the imitation or forgery of Italian food products abroad.  A fake food product has a mixture of Italian names, logos, images and slogans clearly attributable to our country.

In addition to its educational objectives, ICIF was founded with the aim to classify, protect and promote the image of Italian cuisine and products of excellence overseas, protecting  artisan productions, defending consumers from adulteration and forgery and by spreading knowledge and techniques among professional chefs and restaurateurs around the world.