Anti COVID-19 Measures - ICIF International School of Italian Cuisine

Anti COVID-19 Measures

Procedures put in place to protect the health and safety of our students

The current worldwide situation is requiring to adopt new behaviors and attention in order to prevent and protect the health and safety of all of us.

In compliance with the national regulation, ICIF has put in place some measures in order to guarantee social distancing and contamination prevention.



In order to limit the gathering of people inside the school, we have reduced the number of participants to each course,

allowing each student to have a larger space.


In order to guarantee social distancing, within the pratical rooms, each student will have an assigned working station guaranteeing a minimum of 2 meters between each participant (see the details for each classroom in the attachment).


In order to guarantee the highest level of hygiene and avoid as much as possible any possible contamination, ICIF has put in place a strict cleaning plan which includes daily cleaning and sanitization of rooms, laboratories, and utensils. Furthermore, several sanitization points have been made available to any person entering the school.


Even if we are aware of the limitation it may cause, access to the school (including classrooms, offices, and laboratories) will be allowed only to people wearing respiratory protection.

Body temperature mensuration will be run to each people upon access.

For further details on the measures ICIF has put in place to prevent Covid-19 contamination, please refer to the full document below.