The success of our students is our greatest reward

ICIF has graduated more than 5.000 alumni from all around the world. Among them are leading professional chefs of Italian cuisine, entrepreneurs and owners of well-known restaurants. Their careers and their recognition represent the success of ICIF, who has proudly contributed towards their development and professional achievements. If you are interested in sharing your personal experience write us to or contact us through our social networks.

I attended the first ICIF Master Course and I consider myself an avid promoter of Italian cuisine and of the Italian products of quality in the world. My most meaningful work experience has materialized in the Italian restaurants in the city of Seoul: from the tavern Il Fiore to the tavern Tutto Bene, from the tavern Nonna to the restaurant Nui Nui. Currently I work with various magazines and I’m the chef and the owner of the Restaurant Instant Funk in Seoul.

Chan Il Park

Chef and entrepreneur, South Korea

At ICIF I learned the importance of keeping the tradition and history alive and to appreciate the past to build a better future. My experience at famous Italian restaurants, like Da Vittorio Restaurant in Bergamo and Da Guido Restaurant in Costigliole (both with Michelin stars), has helped me to achieve the professional level I have today. I have two restaurants and every morning I get up to go to the market, I choose the best and freshest products; based on these I suggest the daily menu. Last year I received an award for “Revelation Chef of 2013.”

Manoella Boffara

Chef and entrepreneur, Brazil

I have 25 years of experience in the culinary industry and I have attended several schools of culinary arts at some of whom are currently the coordinator of the culinary programs. I think I have a multi-ethnic culinary training: Mexican, Thai, as well as USA and Italian. I have the passion to do the recipes from the raw material; when I can, in fact, I produce the fresh cheese myself from milk and live cultures, as well as the chocolate starting from the cocoa bean. I created and I lead the cooking show “Culinary secrets” through which I share my experiences with the viewers and the food and wine fans.

Thomas Cheney Johnson III

Chef, Chef instructor and TV host, USA

The ICIF course has greatly helped me in the evolution of my career; I did an internship at a Michelin starred restaurant where I was trained in the finest Italian traditional and modern cuisine which I currently propose in my restaurant. I have worked as executive chef at two Italian restaurants in Canada: Molinaro and Mulino. In 2010 I joined the Terra Restaurant group and I opened the restaurant Sarpa at Richmond Hill in Ontario. Here I use only fresh ingredients and quality products to offer simple and traditional Italian dishes. Among many awards, I received the award of “Best Italian Restaurant” in the York Region and an award for the restaurant with the most bookings.

Paolo Francesco Malito

Chef and entrepreneur, Canada

The cuisine is the language with which I learned to communicate thanks to ICIF. After the Italian experience I came back to Japan and I participated in the cooking show on Italian Cuisine “Iron Chef.” Since 1999,I headed the Japanese association on Italian cuisine, and in 2000 I opened the restaurant Massa where I express my huge passion for pasta. I love to participate frequently in television programs on Italian food and many Japanese food and wine magazines speak of me.

Masahiko Kobe

Chef and entrepreneur, Japan

In 2000, I attended the 28º ICIF Master in Cuisine, Culture and Oenology of the Regions of Italy, to fulfill my dream of becoming a restaurateur. The experience gained in Italy was something irreplaceable in my life and I very much appreciate the opportunity I have been given. It was a good experience. I want to thank ICIF with all my heart for the opportunity that gave me, thank you! Today, I’m chef and owner of my restaurant, La Fiaschetta in Osaka.

Tadashi Moriyama

Chef and entrepreneur, Japan

In 2005 I attended 2005 the XXIth Corso Breve. Today I’m the Executive Chef of The Park Hotel, 22 Rajbhawan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad 500082 Telangana, India. My role is to plan menus and food events for the entire hotel, this includes 3 restaurants, 1 nightclub, 1 lounge bar, 1 premium residence floor, room service for the 270 room hotel and banquetting operations for up to 1500 pax.
I will always remember ICIF for the people I met and the friends I made, besides of course, the intensive cuisine knowledge that I gained at the institute. The visits to Piacenza and Cuneo are etched in my mind and the experiences in class and of my stay are priceless.

Mandaar Sukhtankar

Executive Chef, India

I decided to attend the ICIF Master Course because I have always had a passion for Italian cooking, and when one person is cooking, the food must come from the heart. Eager to share with others my passion, which I consider a way to bring families and friends together and to strengthen bonds with each other. I chose to devote myself to the teaching career, instead of a career within a restaurant. I started organizing courses for fans of the culinary industry by collaborating with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Honduras. I’m often present on the national television channels as a professional of Italian food and wine. Recently I published a cookbook of 25 Italian recipes, each to be executed in 25 minutes.
I became the Executive Chef of Las Verandas Hotel and Villas and Pristine Bay Resort, I have 4 restaurants under my command. I got the chance to cook for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, they were visiting Roatán a few weeks ago, and also  for a very important Journalist from CNN Latin America, Ismael Cala.
Las Verandas Hotel and Villas and Pristine Bay Resort is a Company full of positive growth opportunities.
I´m proud to be an ICIF ex student!

Cristina Isabel Morataya Giron

Chef, chef instructor and blogger, Honduras

In 2005 I attended, as head chef of one Carluccio’s Italian restaurants, the first refresher course on Italian cuisine; since that ICIF collaborates with this British chain who send their chefs to be trained at ICIF. As a chef trainer, I continue to accompany the young chefs during their training period at ICIF. I have trained more than 5.000 head chefs from the 85 restaurants within the Carluccio’s group, always transmitting my passion for fresh, wholesome and quality ingredients, and stimulating their passion for Italian cuisine.

Malcolm John Fogg

Head Chef and Chef trainer at Carluccio's, United Kingdom

After the great experience in Italy, I decided to go back to my home town for the opening of a new lifetime project. The “Viene” is conceptually a gastro-bar (rather than a bar and a restaurant) that connects delicious gastronomy with the relaxing atmosphere of a coffee shop. As chef and owner, I try to use the knowledge acquired in the cradle of gastronomy; thanks to ICIF and to the renowned restaurant Le Calandre (with 3 Michelin stars) I was able to learn the techniques, the recipes and, above all, to make friends. Going back to my family, I looked for inspiration in Brazil, because it is rich in ingredients and variety of products.

Alexandre Pelizzon

Chef and entrepreneur, Brazil

My experience at ICIF has been very important for the development of my career, I really enjoyed the ICIF Chef instructors Simone Murru and Diego Bongiovanni that, in addition to holding classes in a professional way, they were able to lighten the more technical topics in a fun way, stimulating our creativity in decorating the dishes of the traditional Italian Cuisine. I’m the owner of the Sio-Tea house that serves freshly home-made siomai and fried rice together with fresh fruit shakes and milk teas, and also dim sum and meat products. Our cuisine is a fusion Cuisine that combine the Asian with Western Cuisine.

Juan Miguel Guese Villaseran

Chef and Entrepreneur , Philippines