Ice-cream Course

Three weeks of theoretical and practical lessons carried out by professional teachers to learn the art of making Italian ice cream and strategies to open a store. Possibility to carry out a training period at selected artisans

ICIF has created the Academic Laboratory of Master ice cream makers, giving rise to a new training programme: the Ice-cream Course. The course consists of a training programme which integrates both theory and the practical skills necessary to join a profession which gives endless satisfaction, as well as personal and professional growth within a trade which is a genuine Italian tradition. A profession which is in great demand both in Italy and abroad. The Course is in Italian language and teachers are supported by an interpreter in English language.

Minimum number of participants: 12.


The Course has a total duration of 8 weeks:

  • 3 weeks of theoretical and practical lessons at the Institute
  • 5 weeks of internship (optional) at ice cream parlours previously selected by the Institute, members of the Academic Laboratory of Master ice cream makers

Those who can enroll are:

  • Italian and foreign professionals of food and wine
  • Italian and foreign food lovers and enthusiasts

Lesson topics

Ice Cream: theoretical notions
  • Ice Cream and its origins
  • Ice Cream: artisan and business management
  • Hygiene and HACCP: comprehension and study of health and sanitary regulations and food legislation
  • Marketing and Management of an enterprise: an entrepreneurial approach
  • Design of the Laboratory: study and analysis of three types of premises in order to identify different business categories
  • The Retail Outlet: the takeaway area, the area with table service, integrated ice cream (coffee shop, patisserie)
The components of Ice Cream
  • Analysis of raw materials and of compound ingredients: sugars
  • Chemistry and physics of ice cream, weighing techniques and working methods
  • The cyclical nature of the production process
  • Creating your own recipe book: the bases and mixtures
  • Formula for fruit ice cream and the importance of the refractometer
  • The balance and support of  management software
  • Notes on sensory evaluation
Detailed topics
  • The components of ice cream according to the seasons
  • The choice of ingredients: the protection of the consumer and insights on the sugars
  • Ice-cream sundae, ice-cream cakes, “affogato” ice-creams, water-ice (“granita”), parfaits and sorbets
  • Management economics and resources in the ice-cream parlor
  • Technological support: preservation systems and storage
  • The retail outlet:  replication, limits and franchising
  • Organic ice-cream
Practical techniques of specialization
  • Art and decorations with chocolate and sugar
  • The art of carving fruits and vegetables: the basic concepts
  • Savoury ice-cream and use of alcohol
  • Decorations for goblets and display trays (logs and zuccotti)
  • Ice cream as restaurant dessert
  • Single portion ice cream

Professional Intership (optional)

The student can choose whether to continue the programme of the Course by carrying out a period of internship lasting a total of 1 month (5 weeks) at ice-cream parlours, previously selected by the Institute, members of the Academic Laboratory of Master Ice Cream Makers.

For the Ice-cream parlours who are unable to provide lodgings it will be at the discretion of the student to choose another Ice-cream parlour, otherwise the school can be of assistance to find alternative accommodation, which will be at the student’s expense together with meals.


The fee for the Course on ice-cream is 3.800,00 Euro. It is possible to enroll for a 1 week period, the fee for each weekly module is of 1.500,00 Euro. The fee for the Course on ice-cream includes:

  • Accommodation at the ICIF Guesthouse in small apartments (comprising of two bedrooms with one, two or three beds and a bathroom) and breakfast service
  • Meals at the Institute from Monday to Saturday (the School is closed on Sundays and on national holidays)
  • Theoretical-practical lessons as indicated in the program
  • Teaching materials (recipe booklets, audio-video systems, etc.)
  • Food and wine products for the lessons and tastings
  • Use of the equipment and utensils during lessons in the different laboratories
  • A full Chef’s uniform: a Chef’s jacket with the ICIF logo, a pair of Chef’s pants, an apron with the ICIF logo and a bandana with the ICIF logo
  • Assistance during the Course for the issuing of the temporary residence permit and for the Italian tax identification number
  • Group transfers from Torino-Caselle or Milano Malpensa airports upon arrival in Italy (only if in groups, for individual participants the fee for the transfer will be at their own expense)
  • Diploma from the Institute on completion of the Course

Anything else not expressly specified above is not included.


Scholarships are available to participants of Italian nationality who are resident in Italy. To find out how to apply please contact us or call the ICIF Institute in Costigliole d’Asti.


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